On Professional Development

When you’re developing your professional self, you make the effort to attend networking events. When you attend these events other attendees tend to ask you about the plans for your future. To their questions, you often respond with a general structure that outlines where you see yourself in five, ten, fifteen or whatever number of years. You’re content with this answer; so is the person […]

T-minus 9…8…7…6… .

Friday capped off my first full week of work. I am now 10% completed with my internship and have only 9 weeks left.  It didn’t hit me how short the summer is until one of my co-workers mentioned it in passing. “Nine more weeks remaining, James.” …Wow, I need to start producing. In support, though, the first week doesn’t really define the entire internship experience–it’s an […]

“That’s a great question! Thank you for asking.”

Who was it that said that hospital managers should always respond to questions, comments and other concerns or inquiries openly with a smile and an accepting manner? Something about low-tech, maybe? Something about scarves? …I wish I could remember. Anyway, Stanford has this thing–this way they teach their staff to communicate with patients, families and other staff members. They call it C-I-CARE, and its process […]

The “Old” Main Entrance of Stanford Hospital

The (soon-to-change) Main Entrance of Stanford Hospital

Surprisingly, Stanford Hospital has no atrium. There’s just an entry way and…well, that’s it. You’d think they have something flashy, no? But, over the next several years a large construction project will change that. Pretty soon there will be a new hospital with a new image that patients will enjoy for many years to come.

Welcome Bienvenido Bienvenue مرحبا ようこそ Willkommen 歡迎 ברוך הבא Zapraszamy

And so it begins–my summer in California interning at Stanford Hospital. I chose to write a blog because I figure it’ll be the best way to capture my thoughts and impressions of Stanford and California. To tell you the truth, this entire stream-of-consciousness typing is not something that comes easily. On one level I feel like Doogie Howser. On another I feel like a self-absorbed, […]